Listed below are some of the things you should look for when choosing the best payment solution for your dispensary.

Start Small to achieve greater support

If you’re about to search for a dispensary processing company, never be scared to work with a provider that’s perfect for your needs and budget and start small. Changing gateways is not as much hassle as changing a platform for your eCommerce. At first, you’ll need to work with a provider that can provide you immediate solutions. One can offer direct technical support to implement the payment solution on your site and customer service assistance all round the clock to help overcome any barriers with the processing and transactions.

It’s also important to trust a company that gives support 24/7 and one that does not restrict you to a long-term contract. Instead, it’s highly recommended to only commit to a month-to-month contract.

Promotes transparency

It would help if you kept in mind that cannabis is still categorized as part of the Schedule 1 drug. Meaning, there are local and federal laws and regulations that a trusted processing company should comply with. When looking for a cannabis payment processing, make sure to ask them how to handle a massive volume of transactions that will undergo their system. A lot of processors will be more than willing to transact your money happily. However, if your business begins to develop, they’ll end up leaving you hanging. That’s why your chosen dispensary processor must promote and practices transparency with their clients.

No gateway fees, set-up fees, and monthly fees

Most likely, honest and reputable companies won’t be charging you monthly fees. Moreover, they’ll be very clear about that in advance. As you choose a cannabis payment processor, it’s vital to know the entire picture before signing any contract with them. Hence, see if you look for a cannabis processing provider that won’t charge you monthly fees, termination fees, or any hidden fees. Moreover, make sure that you won’t be required to pay a flat fee of more than 6%.

Provides different services

The marijuana processing solution you should get should be compliant with the local and federal laws and regulations and has a properly designed system that has a goal to address problems within the marijuana industry. Ensure that the company can give a merchant account for any business related to marijuana, such as cannabis paraphernalia, CBD products, and eCommerce.

Make sure that your payment processing company knows the complex legal jargon.

It’s essential to find a knowledgeable provider about all legal aspects and will always provide you easy money access. Moreover, you should use a proprietary gateway to guarantee that the dispensary debit card processing is uninterrupted, secure, and stable. Also, see to it that the processor accepts discover, Amex, MasterCard, and Visa.

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